Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Our experienced educators are trained to develop in-house curriculum that caters to different levels of learning aptitudes in students. We deliver classes from Primary to Junior College or International Baccalaureate level. Each class session is 2-hours duration providing curriculum delivery, guided learning, and independent learning. Hands-on learning through experiments and small plays are also part of the curriculum depending on the type of class.

After-school Program

Most parents worry about their child’s focus on studies in overseas education programs. At Esin Academy, we aim to reduce or eliminate this. We provide after-school programs that enables students to focus on their studies and also, additional classes, should they require assistance in their studies.

1-to-1 Tutoring

1-to-1 tutoring is a specialized class that caters to students who either require intensive coaching from our educators or students who prefer to have extra attention. Our educators will tailor the classes according to the educational needs and goals of the students in this program.

AEIS Courses

The AEIS is a crucial entrance examination into local schools from Primary to Secondary 3 levels. Due to stiff competition, high passing grades and IQ questions, most students are unable to gain entry. At Esin Academy, we develop curriculum to enable students to be well-equipped for this examination.

Study Trips

3-weeks Study Trip


The Mini MBA is a 3-week program during the summer break. This program integrate sites visits with educational lessons focused on English and Mathematics. Students will stay at the esteemed MDIS boarding houses and have their meals provided. The aim of this program is three-pronged, 1) students to explore Singapore and its sites 2) students to understand Singapore’s educational program 3) interaction between students of different cultures. Some sites visited include, Chinatown, Little India, Esplanade and Heritage Botanical Garden.

Exam Preparations


Achieving distinctions in the GCSE ‘O’-Levels examinations opens up a greater number of opportunities for entry into tertiary education institutions both locally (Junior Colleges, Polytechnics) or overseas (Foundation Year Program, Senior High School). Esin Academy Tutors understand time is of essence and have complied commonly asked questions alongside concept maps to reduce revision time while ensuring quality of revision.

A level

GCE ‘A’ Level is an advanced level of GCE ‘O’ Level and is absolutely crucial to perform to gain entry into universities. A-level subjects are divided into H1, H2 and H3. H1 is the basic and one core subject is allowed to be a H1 whilst the other 2 – 3 subjects have to be H2.


SAT examinations are divided into SAT I and SAT II. SAT I is subject specific into specific courses while SAT II comprises of a series of English and Mathematics papers. Universities in the United States of America require a minimum of SAT II for application.


Esin Homestay is a co-partner of Esin Academy. At Esin Group, we constantly strive to understand and alleviate your concerns for your child. Therefore, we aim to provide a world-class, one-stop reputable service for you. At Esin Homestay, we are available 24 hours at 5 locations around Singapore, alongside 8 various services and have international students in 40 different schools.

Home Stay testimonials

Hello, my name is Altha Farrel Saladin. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesian. I have been staying in this home-stay for five months and only needed 1 week to adapt. As I am the only Muslim in this home-stay, I am unable to consume pork meat. The home-stay understands this and separates the food for my meals. Being in this home-stay allows me to learn Mandarin to improve my language skills. The home-stay comes with gym and swimming pool that I can use during my leisure time. It is also close to my school, grocery shop, shopping mall and MRT station. I absolutely love this home stay.

I think it's good to live here. It's easy to get around and the environment is also very good. There are also convenience stores and shopping malls around here, and the house is very clean. Catherine is also very concerned about us, and often helps us with our studies. During out leisure times, she regularly take us out to explore Singapore. There is also a swimming pool and gym downstairs in the apartment making exercise convenient.