Esin Academy

Esin Academy is a subsidiary of Singapore Esin Group and Ascensia Education Holding Limited. With access to vast global educational resources, superior education infrastructure and a rich pool of educational professionals in Singapore, Esin Academy aims to provide customized educational paths for every parent and child. We specialize in customized lessons for various targeted examinations, such as, Singapore Government Schools Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), IELTS, TOEFL, SATs, GCE ‘O’ Level and GCE ‘A’ Level.

Simultaneously, our Academy conducts lessons for international students during the holidays so to inculcate racial diversity and provide the chance of international exchange for students all over the world. We believe that knowledge does not come solely from books or texts, but from all aspects of life and daily interactions. Students should be given the opportunities to broaden their horizons and engage in a diverse learning environment so as to unleash their creativity and innate potential. Esin Academy views quality education as our main priority and endeavours to create a holistic environment, equipped with first-class educators and infrastructure. Our team of educators and consultants strive to nurture our students to be successful futuristic leaders rooted in traditional values.

Our Mission
To inculcate values and utilize progressive pedagogies to groom leaders of the future.

Our Vision
To be the leading academic institution in Singapore, providing holistic education in tuition, enrichment programs and consultancy.

Core Values
V​isionary ​I​nspirational ​Compassionate ​T​enacious Outstanding R​esilient


Liu Bin

Masters in Business Administration | Bachelor of Business Management
General Manager

Liu Bin possessed education experience in China, Singapore (12 years) and England (1 year). Due to his vast experience and familiarity with various education systems, Liu Bin heads the department for student enrolment and visa applications. He is also involved in aiding international students assimilate into both local
and international schools and systems.

Within two years in Esin Group, Liu Bin had helped over a hundred students enroll successfully into Singapore Government Schools and International schools through his professional counselling and crafted student profiles.

Liu Bin firmly believes that every child has the potential to shine in the right environment with the right tools.


Justyna Sadowska-Sachdev

Masters in Philology (Poland University) | Bachelor of Arts | LCCI II | Allied Educator
ESL Educator

Justyna hails from Poland and have settled into Singapore, making it home with her family and educating local students for a few years.

Justyna has more than 10 years’ experience in educating students from ages 7 – 17 years ago. She is a capable ESL Instructor with 7 years’ experience and committed to educating students with rigorous and engaging coursework. In addition, Justyna possesses extensive training and experience in helping students with special needs.

Justyna training, and experiences in ESL, special needs children and fluency in English language motivates her to provide age-appropriate lesson planning which develops a student’s innate motivation. She is also skilled in tailoring curriculum plans to provide a one-to-one attention in a classroom setting.


Dip. TESOL (London Teacher Training College), MBA. Acc (NTU), Dip BA (NUS), B.E. (Hons) (NUS)

Mr Chan was a trained engineer before finding his passion in education. He first joined the education industry in an international school 15 years ago, achieving the rank of senior teacher.

Mr Chan’s forte in teaching physics is tied to his education background. Over the years, he has developed various methods of reaching out to students with different learning capabilities and aptitude. In addition, Mr Chan’s communication skills and instructional capabilities acquired from his post-graduate educational
background and earlier career experiences had provided a stable foundation to hone his education career.

Mr Chan worked as an engineer in the private sector for 25 years before moving onto a private business school to launch his education career for the next six years. Subsequently, he taught physics in a private
international school for 7 years.


B.A (SIM), Dip in General Education (NTU/NIE)

Ms Jenny has been immersed in Singapore’s education programs since she graduated. Her repertoire includes teaching in three local schools over a span of 12 years and achieved two promotions within four years.

Along with the background in educating hundreds of local students in mainstream schools, Ms Jenny brings along a wealth of experience from her stints in BCA Academy developing curriculum in addition to lecturing and was in charge of programme staff in a private sector.

Ms Jenny’s role as an educator flows from both her vast experience in education and her open-mindedness to various cultural and educational needs, along with her compassionate nature that was honed over the last twenty years of interaction with students and individuals from the private sector.

Li Lan Lan

BAS (Major Accountancy) (Nanjing University), Dip in Education (NTU/NIE)

Ms Li is a successful leader in the private industry who is well-known for her successful guidance forstudents in Mathematics and Principles of Accounts (POA). Her deep passion for mathematics shines through along with her affable personality, making her a popular teacher amongst students.

Ms Li graduated with Finance and Economics from Nanjing University. Her deep-seated passion for education and mathematics propelled her to take up a postgraduate diploma in general education in the NTU-NIE joint programme. Ms Li also published two books for the challenging Math Olympiad Program.

Ena Oh

Dip in Banking and Finance (Ngee Ann)

Ms Ena has been teaching for 15 years for primary levels in English, Mathematics and Science. She draws her experiences from students both in the private sector and private classes.

Upon feeling unfulfilled in the business industry and feeling the pull towards education, Ms Ena took her first steps 15 years ago. Since then, she has tutored and guided students successfully to enter the schools of their choices upon graduation, or obtaining their choice of stream at the Primary 4 streaming examinations.